Mediation Option Fees

More Fee Options = Less Divorce Stress

“We’re here to minimize your stress. If you qualify for our flat fee option, you will have less stress because you won’t have to worry about an unknown total cost of the divorce. We changed how divorces were being done with our flat fee program 20 years ago. We are still the only mediation firm with a true flat fee option.”

OLD Way – Until Common Ground started to offer divorce services, all other divorce mediators and attorneys followed the traditional retainer model. The retainer model requires an upfront amount around $2,500 on the low end and $10,000 on the high end for more experienced attorneys.

A detailed accounting of every phone call, email, text, or any time spent on your case is tracked and that retainer is depleted. Your attorney will require you to  replenish the account or they may stop work on your case.

After the divorce is over the total bill will be MUCH more that the original retainer (the average total cost is $15,000 per person–$30,000 per divorce). Often clients are never told this by their attorney. They are left to think that the retainer will be the TOTAL cost of the divorce service. They are shocked to learn later that additional checks need to be written to keep the case going.

OUR Way- We listened to our clients and learned that the unknown fear of how much a divorce will cost is one of the most stressful parts. We spent the last 26 years developing a unique and personalized process that allows us to measure the complexity of the case before we even start. That allows us to make very accurate predictions about how long a divorce will take and how much it will cost. We were the first mediators in the country to offer FLAT FEE divorce services. There are some cases that have so much conflict and drama that we simply can not risk offering a flat fee but by far most of our clients qualify for our flat fee program. The fee is determined after an online Divorce Complexity Assessment is completed. Then the mediator will speak with the couple and observe their behaviors in person. The flat fee varies depending on the complexity of the situation, but the cost is the total cost, NOT per person. This cost includes all of the document preparation costs and you are not charged for extra mediation time or phone calls or emails or texts. You will not find an attorney that will even consider a flat fee.

If you are more comfortable paying an hourly fee, then that is available. The hourly rate depends on the experience level of the mediator. Normally that will be anywhere from $150.00 to $350 per hour. There are additional professionals that will be involved in your case to include documents preparers and case managers that have a lower hourly fee of $100 per hour.

“How confident are we in our ability to get you through your divorce with out going to court? So confident ee will guarantee our services. If we can’t get you to an agreement then we refund your money! “

In addition to our flat fee option we also offer our “Flat Fee Guarantee”. If you need the added peace of mind that mediation is really going to work then you will like this option. If you follow our process and are still not able to reach an agreement then we refund your money. It is that simple. You must let the mediator know that you are interested in this feature and the mediator will determine if you case qualifies for this program.

“I feel like I’m on an endless road to nowhere but spending more and more money to wait for the next frustration without any resolution! The only time my attorney communicates with me is when they want more money!”

You may have previously tried mediation and got no where. The attorneys selected the mediator which was the first big mistake. They likely used a “passive mediator”. They put you in two separate rooms and it was an offer counter offer process that just created more contention. We are “directive mediators”. We will be involved in the mediation process with you and your spouse together in the same room. More importantly, we provide solutions and ideas to help you reach an agreement. Our track record for success when people mediate with us, after starting the litigation process, is over 90%. We have helped couples reach agreements in 1 day and most can get to an agreement in 1 week. It is possible for your divorce to be finished in a few short weeks from now and you can stop spending money on legal fees. We are so confident in our ability to get litigating couples to an agreement that we often take these cases on a contingency basis. That’s correct, we will not charge you unless we can get you to an agreement and if we do get you to an agreement, you will know in advance the flat fee amount. In our initial free consultation, with both spouses, we will review where the agreements are today and what is left to be completed. The Mediator will provide you with a flat fee upfront, (which will be considerably less than continuing to work through 2 attorneys), that will be refunded if an agreement is not reached. Complete the Divorce Complexity Assessment below and we will contact you with a game plan customized to your situation. You may be surprised how close you are to being done with divorce. Let us help.




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