Pre-Divorce Decisions

I Am Ready To Start The Divorce Process

If you are ready to start the divorce process then we can help.

With over 25 years of divorce mediation experience we have developed a process to get you through the divorce process quickly, fairly, and inexpensively. Our process enables us to complete most divorces in less than a month and you will never have to set foot in a courtroom or talk to a judge or deal with adversarial attorneys.

“We are ready to start our divorce. We want want to avoid attorneys and courtroom but we want our divorce to be fair and done right”

The first step to getting your divorce completed is to determine the complexity of your case using our proprietary Divorce Cost Estimator  by clicking the button below. Our mediation team will review your results and contact you to schedule a consultation. This consultation can be either done in our office or with a video conference or over the phone. You on you way to having your divorce completed in a matter of weeks and for a fraction of the cost of going to court but most importantly it will be be fair. It will be done right.




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